Holladay Real Estate Information

In 1847 a group of pioneers known as the Mississippi Company, guided by John Holladay, come into the Salt Lake Valley. After a week of their arrival, they find out a spring fed stream, free flowing which they named Spring Creek. While the majority of the group comes back to the Fort in Great Salt Lake for the winter, two or three men built dugouts along this pour out and wintered over. Thus, this developed into the first village recognized away from Great Salt Lake City itself. The city was incorporated on November 29, 1999 as Holladay-Cottonwood, and the name was edited to Holladay on December 14 of that year.

The City of Holladay is enclosed on the west by Highland Drive, on the east and south by I-215 and the north by 39th South to 2700 East, , with two exceptions. The state line crosses I-215 at its southeast corner and moves south along 30th East, then in the back of east the Christian School at just about 66th South to take in the Heughes Canyon and Tolcate Lane areas,

The summer is very dry, with the best part of coming from the monsoon that rises from the south. Short, localized, and often dry thunderstorms are usually related with the monsoon. At some period in winter, temperature inversions are a normal problem. The inversion will trap dirt, wetness, and cold temperatures in the valley while the neighboring mountains enjoy warm temperatures and luminous sunshine. Holladay has lots of elite class and luxury retailers, bars, hotels and restaurants. Mountain Resort Deer Valley Resort and the Canyons Resort are great for skiing in winters and pleasant locations for the ski and snowboarding events. City is the masterpiece of natural beauty and in winter’s snow falling and snow sporting events raise its beauty incredibly.